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  • (The condition of being unused: For the ElementAHBS software, routine usage is acceptable, data can be recorded, data can be deleted. However, the entered data must not have been sent to external environment servers such as the Turkish Ministry of Health - MEDULA. If the data is sent to external environment servers, even if the 14-day withdrawal period has not expired, it is deemed to have been approved for use by the CUSTOMER, and the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised.)
  • If this right is exercised, the product price shall be refunded to the BUYER within 30 days following the examination by the Accounting Unit. If the original invoice is not sent, VAT and any other legal obligations cannot be refunded.
  • DISTANCE SALES REGULATION (ARTICLE 15 - (1) (ğ)): The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for software products due to contracts relating to services performed instantly in electronic environment or non-tangible goods delivered instantly to the consumer.
  • Molekül Teknoloji Urunleri software is delivered to the BUYER electronically. Once the software is owned, the BUYER may store copies of the software without our knowledge. Therefore, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised.
  • All our customers who purchase software agree to the conditions mentioned above in advance. Before installing the software, all our customers can review the system with all its features by following the relevant links on our website, contacting our call center, discussing with our solution partners, or accessing the free version of the software. Additionally, they can contact our company for any pre-sales inquiries.
  • The first 1-month free usage right is valid for a unit using ElementAHBS for the first time and a physician using it for the first time, once only. You can inquire whether there is a free usage right for your "Family Medicine Unit" from our Accounting Unit.
  • If it is decided to continue usage after the free usage period, the software can be started by paying the software fee. In this case, since the software has already been delivered before the 14-day withdrawal period or previously purchased, used, or the usage period of expired software has been extended by payment, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised.