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Our Approach to Technology

Our software solutions are developed using an object-oriented modular architecture. Core processes are designed by our experienced software development team with an original modeling system, minimizing platform dependencies to the lowest level. As a result, our services utilize system resources more efficiently and operate faster in relation to the volume of transactions. All our software solutions have an intelligent connectivity structure that maximizes network resources. The auto-control systems in the core ensure continuous server connectivity, monitoring synchronization and update processes in the background. New versions, components, security, or information updates are automatically applied to the system. Thus, our software solutions are capable of rapidly adapting, renewing, and scaling according to developments in the user's corporate structure.

  • 2009

  • Years of Service

    Following two years of infrastructure work, our company commenced its operations in the last quarter of 2009, quickly gaining recognition in the healthcare sector with its successive software automation solutions.

  • Establishing its system on the infrastructure of software technologies for the next 10 years, Molekül Software confidently provides solutions to the problems of health directorates in more comprehensive corporate projects.

  • The existing laboratory automation service both shortens the duty processes of analysis centers, reducing the workload of personnel, and facilitates the work of ASM employees with seamless client integration.

  • 2020

  • User Count

    Currently, 10000+ our products and solutions are being used by users and increasing every day.

  • Support Solution

    The latest 5 year's call center records and support messages totaled 2.5M+ more support is at your service.

  • Personnel Count

    In total, compared to local employees nationwide 40 there are employees.

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27001 iso
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