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Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services (USH) The software enables doctors to understand the health status of patients more quickly and easily. This software facilitates doctors in tracking patients' health histories, test results, and examination notes. Additionally, it allows patients to manage their treatment plans and medications remotely. It is also important for patients living in rural areas or remote settlements. USH It enables patients to have remote examinations and benefit more easily from healthcare services. It enables patients to remotely monitor their health status and helps doctors better understand patients' health conditions. By minimizing contact between patients and healthcare personnel, it encourages patients to participate more actively in their treatment processes and benefit more easily from healthcare services.


With the advancement of technology nowadays, there is a significant change in healthcare services. Access to healthcare services has become possible even without physical examination or medical consultation. Remote healthcare services are a method that facilitates access to healthcare services. Access to remote healthcare services is possible through mobile applications and websites. Applications and websites allow users to share their medical problems and symptoms and connect with expert doctors who can provide medical advice. This enables people with medical issues to receive medical advice quickly and effectively.


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