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Dental Information System

Dental Information System (DHBS) It is an information management system that helps dentists and other dental health professionals manage patients' oral and dental health services. Dentists use it to record, store, share, and manage data related to dental health services. Dental Information System It typically consists of several different components. These components include a patient record system, treatment planning tools, X-ray imaging systems, prescription writing tools, invoice creation and management tools, and a range of other functions.

Decision Support System

Monthly performance plans that can be tracked via Decision Support System (DSS) pages are automatically created within the program and at the initial setup. These information displayed under the name of the work plan take over the physician's performance agenda task. All activities related to the relevant period can be tracked and executed only by benefiting from the work plan without the need to enter DSS pages.


Even if there is no internet connection in the current environment, patient registration, examination, or follow-up can be performed. This feature, which is most commonly used by mobile physicians in fieldwork, is available in the software infrastructure from the moment of installation. The physician's records on the program are only kept on their own computer. As a company policy and according to relevant laws, we do not acquire, use, or share any information about physicians or patients. Maintenance procedures, which are optional and performed at certain intervals, are also conducted on-site, i.e., on the physician's computer and with the physician's knowledge.

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