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element ahbs

Family Medicine

Includes all activities carried out within the family medicine institution Family Medicine Information Management System (AHBS) software , developed based on fast and easy usage principle. ElementAHBS It enables the physician and/or the family health personnel to access all the processes they need from a single window. After the program is opened, the list of all patients registered to the physician's population is displayed, and the procedures to be performed on a specific patient, shortcuts, or mouse clicks can be easily performed on the same screen. AHBS software With the software, outpatient procedures, follow-ups, vaccinations, etc. activities are instantly recorded in the database. Sağlık-Net With full compatibility with web service support, these records can also be transferred to the Ministry of Health servers at any time.

karak destek

Decision Support System

Monthly performance plans that can be tracked via Decision Support System (DSS) pages are automatically created within the program and at the initial setup. These information displayed under the name of the work plan take over the physician's performance agenda task. All activities related to the relevant period can be tracked and executed only by benefiting from the work plan without the need to enter DSS pages. Our program does not require an internet connection while running.


Even if there is no internet connection in the current environment, patient registration, examination, or follow-up can be performed. This feature, which is most commonly used by mobile physicians in fieldwork, is available in the software infrastructure from the moment of installation. The physician's records on the program are only kept on their own computer. As a company policy and according to relevant laws, we do not acquire, use, or share any information about physicians or patients. Maintenance procedures, which are optional and performed at certain intervals, are also conducted on-site, i.e., on the physician's computer and with the physician's knowledge.


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